The Sampling Systems Technology hub provides independent accredited expertise in all aspects of manual and automated sampling and metallurgical reconciliation across all aspects of the pit to customer chain. Sampling Systems Technology utilises its extensive knowledge of sampling practices and operational experience to develop sampling regimes that maximise quality control and reconciliation practices, while maximising safe sampling practices. Sampling Systems Technology is fully accredited for the inspection of mechanical sampling systems for both coal and other particulate materials including base and ferrous metals.

The Sampling Systems Technology hub is fully accredited with the NATA (National Association of Testing Authorities, Australia) as a Type A Inspection Body, and currently overseas more than 120 mechanical sampling systems across Australia, Indonesia and South Africa.

Sampling Systems Technology hub provides the following services amongst other.

  • NATA Accredited Mechanical Sampling System Compliance Audits
  • NATA Accredited Mechanical Sampling System Bias and Rolling Bias Testing.
  • NATA Accredited Mechanical Sampling System Precision Testing
  • Conceptual Design and Redesign of Mechanical Sample Systems
  • Design of a Variety of Sampling Tools to Achieve Relevant Australian and International Standards
  • Design and Evaluation of Analytical Data From Sampling Programs
  • Metallurgical Reconciliation Across All Aspects of Pit to Customer Bulk Material Chain
  • Sample Preparation and Analysis Procedure Development and Review

Currently list numerous Australian and international ports as well a significant number of individual mine sites that utilise the expertise of Sampling Systems Technology hub.

"Maximising quality control and material reconciliation from pit to customer"