Data Unification

A&B Mylec has developed a unique way of generating reliable washability data from crushed borecore data. Such data was previously unsuitable to use for generating practical wash plant yield and product quality information.

The process has been developed and utilised over dozens of resources spanning most major coal exporting basins across the world.

This presentation steps through a case study of the unification process being employed on a recent deposit. Completing this exercise allows for much improved washability data and as a result, significantly increased confidence in modelling outcomes.

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Simulation comparison between Unified / Non-unified

Crushed washability data has two distinct issues for use in practical yield simulations:

  • A size distribution that does not represent the mass proportions feeding each of the CPP circuits;
  • A single density distribution is used in both the DMC and RC circuits which is different from the naturally liberated density distribution;

A&B Mylec has developed a technique to repair crushed washability (non-unified) data using properly pretreated reference data so that the repaired (unified) data represents the size and density distributions fed to a wash plant.

As a comparative exercise, three datapoints from seams with distinctly different washability profiles were selected for comparison:

  • D141: Good washability performance;
  • H16: Average washability performance;
  • H15: Poorer washability performance;
unified vs not unified product ash vs yield

Data Unification Processes

The following processes were utilised in order to unify the washability database:

  • Float/sink density interpolations:
    • The interpolation and extrapolation of each washability series so that all series have a common 12 density fractions (F1.30, F1.35, F1.40, F1.45, F1.50, F1.55, F1.60, F1.65, F1.70, F1.80, F2.00 & S2.00);
    • Unnecessary density fractions were combined;
  • Combination of pre-treated washability fraction to achieve a common series of size fractions representative of the CHPP, namely:
    • DMC (+1.0mmww);
    • Reflux classifier (1.0ww x 0.250mm);
    • Flotation (-0.250mm);
  • Development of Liberation models.
  • Development of Circuit Segregation models.

Liberation Models:

Converts crushed washability data into pseudo-pretreated washability data:

liberation model diagram

crushed vs pretreated fractional ash

crushed vs pretreated cumulative ash

Circuit Segregation Models:

Distributes pretreated washability data into designated size fractions:

circuit segregation model

fractional ash

cumulative ash

Simulate the reparied data set:

simulated practical ash yield curves

Product ash/yield trends - D141 (target 10.5%):

product ash

product yield


A sample with good washability performance will not be as affected by the difference between unified and non-unified data.

The offset between pretreated (unified) data and crushed (non-unified) data is not consistent within seams or across seams.

Using the repaired dataset further analysis can be undertaken on the practical yields and ash for blending opportunities to increase total yield at the same product ash.

Spatial analysis can be completed for different mining areas.

For more information on how A&B Mylec can help you better analyse your data, contact Adrian Collins on 07 4931 0954 / - or Nick Roberts on 07 4931 0930 /

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