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The Resource Evaluation hub is an integral part of the A&B Mylec business and provides a range of services such as:

  • Borecore program project management
  • Sample treatment procedure design
  • Project database development and maintenance
  • Validation of laboratory analysis results
  • Laboratory management
  • Specialist coal quality testing recommendations
  • Resource assessment and coal quality evaluations
  • Historical database validation, unification and integration
  • Plant simulation and quality estimation

A&B Mylec provide project and laboratory management assistance and advice throughout the program including:

  • Definition of the project timeline
  • Laboratory tender management
  • Tracking and monitoring of analytical progress
  • Managing any sample transfer and workflow implications that arise
  • Trouble shooting and problem solving
  • Provision of technical support to the laboratory where required
  • Generating analytical laboratory advices
  • Provision of program progress reports
  • Budgeting assistance and tracking
  • Checking laboratory invoices against quotations, lab advices and analysis reports / database if required
Ash Yield Curves

Developing an appropriate but cost effective borecore program is vital to the complete understanding of any resource. The first stage of this is designing an effective, resource specific sample treatment procedure that will provide the most appropriate and useful data for the borecore project. A&B Mylec has extensive experience and knowledge in development of treatment procedures for all coal types including large diameter, line of oxidation and dilution programs world wide.

From the coal quality data A&B Mylec typically prepares project databases to facilitate downstream assessment of the resource. Raw, washability and clean coal composite databases are compiled in any format required by the client for easy upload into mine planning tools.


The data validation service provided by the resource evaluation team is critical to the borecore program and ensures only correct data is included in program databases. Integrity of the data is the highest priority and to achieve this A&B Mylec uses a host of calculations, cross checks and coal quality parameter relationships. A&B Mylec has developed a specific set of validation tools to use at each stage of analysis, with over 40 validation criteria typically used throughout a borecore program.

In conjunction with the project databases, a series of analytical steps can be undertaken with the validated data which form the basis of downstream assessment, including:

  • Raw coal assessment
  • Washability assessment
  • Product characterisation
  • Quality parameter variability evaluation
  • Data voids analysis
  • Further data generation requirements
  • Sizing and yield envelopes
  • Conceptual process design

Using A&B Mylec’s patented plant simulation package RESOURCE_MASTOR, timely and accurate simulations of product yield and quality for your entire validated washability resource database can be delivered. Specifically RESOURCE_MASTOR is used to perform process simulations on the programs washability data providing ash yield curves to produce clean coal composite instructions that optimise product coal options, product specification and plant design.

Delineate your resource with confidence, with A&B Mylec managing resource coal quality data acquisition and integrity.

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